Monday, February 17, 2014

Jewelry Organization

Here's my earring storage using "rabbit wire" {from Home Depot}, large frame, and fabric {Wal-Mart}.
I just cut the rabbit wire to fit inside of the frame (you want it loose so that your earrings can easily be hooked in) and then put fabric over the back piece of the frame.

I have a lot of chunky necklaces that seemed to get tangled up if I even look at them the wrong way. So,  I bought some cute shower curtain hooks from Target and decided to hang them in an empty spot in my closet. 

And here is how I store my bracelets.  I actually need about 17 more of these knobs because I have a lot of bracelets.  But, I just display my most used watches and bangles.  I found these wooden knob pieces at Hobby Lobby.  I use my 40% off coupon and buy one each week. I just bought another one today!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Welcome, Friends!

Welcome to my new blog, For Blogness' Sake! 

My husband about fell over when I told him that I wanted to start a "personal" blog.  I already blog at What the Teacher Wants and I manage my school blog, sorority blog, class blog, and collaborate on Blog Hoppin'.

Oh my blog!

I guess I like to blog.  But, I like other things too! Let me tell you a little about me.

I'm Rachelle and I look like this (February 2014)...

But I used to look like this (July 2013)...

But I don't look like that because I now eat all the veggies, fruits, and proteins in the world!!!!!!
And I do this...

I'm super excited to share my fitness journey with you along with posts about...
*food, food, and more food
*family shenanigans
*crafty mcCrafterson
*fashion (kind of)

Will you join me?  Feel free to follow me on my social media outlets (the flags at the top of this blog)!  Get ready for an upcoming post about how I get PHYSICAL, PHYSICAL. I WANNA GET PHYSICAL, PHYSICAL!

And if you're looking for a blog designer... LOOK NO FURTHER! My sweet friend Susan's husband, Parker designed this blog and it's EXACTLY how I envisioned it. He's so talented (and very affordable).