Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How did I get started?

Read about how I started this journey {here}! I'm sharing my story...and it's a lengthy one. ;)


  1. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the motivation to begin getting healthy...Like you two years ago, I have a considerable amount of weight to lose...I am also in the process at 44 years old of reaching my dream goal of becoming a teacher. This time next year, I will be certified teacher! I want the outside of me to look and feel as good as the inside does--and to have the confidence I need to interview! Thank you for sharing your story! I love both of your blogs and read them regularly! I am even taking my first Jazzercise class tomorrow! LOL Every time I eat, I will ask myself WWRD? LOL

  2. Hi, Rachelle!

    I have been following your teaching blog for a while now (since about 2011) and I love all your ideas. I recently found this blog at just the right time! I am embarking on my weight loss journey and your page has been so encouraging. I think I read all of your posts in one night! I just got into working out and trying to eat healthy this summer. Thanks for sharing your experience, it has defintiely made a difference!

    Having Class

  3. Hi Rachelle,
    Typically, I'm a blog "lurker." I read a ton of blogs and rarely comment on any. I stumbled upon your blog today and I think it was a Godwink. I stepped on the scale today and saw the highest number I've ever seen. I'm lazy and lethargic and don't feel like getting up and moving, but I can do what you suggest and start with one small change. Anyone can do one thing differently, right? You're the inspiration I need to start my own life change. Thank you. Please keep posting.