Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Adult Acne Makes Me Feel Like a Teenager

I'm 27, people...not 14.  So why did I have acne like one?  It was frustrating, embarrassing, and painful. It came on HARD when I was at my heaviest weight...coincidence? I THINK NOT.  It was about my diet and a few other variables.  Nasty food was causing my adult acne.  Is it causing yours?

Sadly this is not the WORST that my face looked.

I tried it all...
*Antibiotics (they worked, but I research just how bad they are for you long-term and it disturbed me )
*Clarisonic Mia
*Clean and Clear

In both of these pictures I ONLY have on mascara. No, I didn't get a face transplant.  I just followed the following 6 tips.

What did I do?

1. Diet
I began to research holistic acne treatments and they ALL said that food can be a huge part of why an adult has acne. I started by cutting out gluten and by limiting grains.  Yup, I jumped on the gluten-free "fad" and I didn't see my skin really clear up as much as I wanted, but I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  I didn't have a stomach ache all of the time and my head wasn't constantly pounding (this could also be from the sugar in the grains). So call it a fad and I'll let you see how awesome I feel and then I'll punch you in the throat. Kidding (not kidding).   Then, I eliminated dairy from my diet and started eating more and more whole foods.  So, I was free of gluten (and most grains), dairy, most sugar, and I ate good  (whole) food. You could say I was starting to eat clean. I saw a HUGE improvement in my skin within 2 weeks and I lost a bunch of weight.  Win-win. I honestly believe the CRAP they put in the food was causing my acne. I have scientific research, but all I need are my before/after pictures. BOOM.

2. Ditch the Dermatologist
*I do not recommend you "ditch" doctors.  I'm just telling you what I did.
I hated my dermatologist.  He would never even "check" my skin out.  He would simply write me a prescription and beg me to take Accutane (which I refused). So, I found a different dermatologist.  And...what do you know? He was the SAME way.  I did not want to take Accutane for many reasons, but mostly because I've known some people very close to me who felt the EFFECTS of Accutane and it was not something I wanted to put my body and mind through (even if it meant I would be acne-free).  So I ditched the dermatologist and researched holistic skincare.  Luckily I found my saving grace, Celeste and Cheryl at Skincare: Holistic Beaty Care. They gave me an organic skincare regimen and I had facials and extractions done every 4-5 weeks (hurt like hell for a bit, but so worth it). Cheryl makes her own organic creams, cleansing washes, and serums.  And they tailor it to YOUR face and YOUR acne issues.  It is a little piece of heaven.  Hopefully Cheryl will start selling her products online soon (I know it's in the works) and will be able to help my friends outside of Utah.

3.  Laundry Detergent
Celeste noticed that I had more acne on my right side and asked what side I sleep on.  DING! DING! It was the same side I sleep on. I got rid of the Tide (with all those chemicals and fragrances-who wants that anyway?) and I switched to ECOS Free and Clear (I hardly use any in the wash at all and I mix it with vinegar) that you can get from Wal-Mart even:

4. No Touchy
My biggest down-fall when helping my skin was constant picking, scratching, and popping.  Ugh. I picked at my pimples non-stop.  I HAD to stop or I would have acne scars all over.  So.... I'm a work in progress, but I know that if I pick my skin, it takes 2 weeks longer for my spot to heal and I'm at risk for scarring. Stop touching your face, people!

5. Makeup
You get what you pay for, my friends.  I finally stopped buying Wal-Mart makeup and splurged on Jane Iredale.  I bought the pressed powder and BB Cream (a little of that goes a long way). It's the most face-friendly clean makeup I've found out there. My face immediately felt better after I switched to her make-up.  Now that I'm free of acne, I hardly use any make-up at all! It's a good feeling.

6. Water
Seriously...hydrate yo self! Stop the soda and juice.  Drink more water than you think is humanly possible.  Drink as much as you can tolerate and then drink some more. YAY!

I feel so much better! My skin is acne-free.  Well, mostly. I still get a pimple here and there (especially when it's that time of the month), but for the most part...I've zapped those zits!