Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 2- My Healthy Holiday Mindful Eating

Thanksgiving is over and it was GREAT!  I loved spending time with my family, eating the yummy food, and having the day off of school. :)  BUT, I'm also glad it's over.  The leftovers are FINALLY all gone.  They are the death of me.  I followed my plan for Thanksgiving day (you can read about that here), but it was a struggle to not eat #alltheleftoversintheworld

What went well this week?
I have logged all my food, workouts, and water into My Fitness Pal. It's keeping me accountable, but I know that my carb to fat to protein ratio is FAR OFF.  I'm not eating enough protein and everyone knows that's mucho important.  

I got in all of my workouts. This piece I don't have a problem with. I workout an hour a day with 2 rest days built in for recovery.  I try to stretch and work on my mobility during my rest days. I LOVE teaching Jazzercise, but I also LOVE lifting weights.  Cardio is important, but if you really want to see changes in your body, you've got to pick up those weights (and cans of soup don't count). I promise lifting heavy weights won't "bulk you", unless that's what you want. I DO! Give me #allthemuscles
I suggest getting a trainer if you are new to lifting or try a Pump class at your local gym.  When I first got started with lifting- I googled, watched youtube videos, and watched people at the gym and mimicked their movements. I also used the app, Fitness Buddy.  Some of my friends used Jamie Eason's free program on

Coming up this next week- here are my goals:

1.  I want to eat a little more protein! It's my most difficult macronutrient to get enough of.  Ugh.  ;)

2. Say no to the treats in the faculty lounge unless they are donuts!

3. Cook more this week!  We love homemade meals, but can't someone come and do the dishes for us?  

4. Drink 96 ounces of water each day. 

Don't forget to check out Deedee's post about how her week went! 

Link up and tell us about your week (feel free to snag the cute graphic that Deedee made!)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 1- My Healthy Holiday Mindful Eating

What Worked?
I tracked my food each day, even when My Fitness Pal was being a b*tch. I didn't worry about my macros this week, I just met my calories.  I felt good staying within a healthy range of my calories, but not obsessing over the numbers. My Healthy Holiday is all about being accountable and mindful.  If you go over your daily calories, don't stress...just keep track of it and move on.
Remember...My Fitness Pal is NEVER right when it comes to your calorie intake. Please don't just eat 1,200 calories because MFP tells you.  Manually put in how many calories you should eat (to find out just how many you should eat, click here). 

I also got in all of my workouts this week even though I had all the excuses not to.  I had parent teacher conferences after school on Thursday and Friday. I made sure to get in a 5am workout on those days because I knew I would be exhausted after conferences.  I'm so glad I worked out because it helps my stress level and then I was SUPER nice to all the parents. ;)

This week I also went to see Mocking Jay Part 2. I'm so sad it's over! And... I DID have some movie theatre popcorn. HOLY BUTTER! HOLY SALT!

Looking Ahead
This week is Thanksgiving week and my goal is to get in my workouts and drink lots of water.  I'm not going to "restrict" myself on Thanksgiving day but I do have a plan.  Want to hear it?
Thanksgiving Day
-Workout at Jazzercise (teach 2 classes)
-Eat a LARGE, protein heavy breakfast
-Drink lots of water
-Drink a protein shake and have a snack before I head over to my sister's house
-Eat only the WORTH IT food at Thanksgiving.  I really want to just eat stuffing, potatoes, and pie.  I'm not a fan of everything else.  I also plan to make sure to not go crazy on the appetizers because they aren't my favorite... I love them, but I'd rather have a big piece of chocolate pie.
-Stop eating when I'm FULL<--- holy heck- does anyone else struggle with this?

Let's not let this be us this year! I'm going to eat until I'm satisfied and then STOP!

Now we want to hear from YOU! Link up, grab the graphic from the top of this post, and tell us what worked for you this week (or what didn't work)!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Healthy Holiday 2015

Does anyone feel overwhelmed with the thought of the holidays coming in terms of your waistline?
My hand is raised HIGH in the air.  It's usually around this time of year the faculty lounge if full of junk and I'm mindlessly eating all day. A bite here...a lick there.   And sometimes it's not even food I REALLY enjoy!  This holiday season is GOING TO BE DIFFERENT! This year I'm going to be more mindful of everything I eat because I'm going to log my food into My Fitness Pal.

You know my friend, Deedee- right? She's the fabulous lady behind all things Mrs. Wills' Kinder.  We decided that our fat train is going to stop right here. We are done making excuses and we are going to take the Holidays HEAD ON.

Did you know people gain an average of 5-7lbs during the holiday season.  NO THANK YOU! Let's aim to maintain this year, my friends! Do you want to join us in a little challenge?  Mindful eating and moving our body more?

Well what IS mindful eating?
"The main purpose of mindful eating is to change your relationship with food. Mindful eating is anything but a “diet” — in fact, it’s basically the opposite! Changing the way you eat (as opposed to just what foods you eat) is not just about developing discipline over your food preferences or necessarily losing weight. Instead, it’s really about mastering control over your mind. When using mindfulness around food, you’re present and aware of your appetite as it changes so you naturally control portions, choose healthy options and avoid emotionally eating." Dr. Axe

Do you want to win $100 gift card to Amazon and not gain #alltheweightintheworld?

Here's what you need to do:
1. Download My Fitness Pal on your smartphone (they also have a computer version)

2. Get familiar with My Fitness Pal and don't be scared to Google any questions you have. You'll be logging all your food and movement for this challenge. 
For instance, you can Google:
Google will be your BFF if you are new to My Fitness Pal. BUT- it is SO SO simple.  
Also, here's a great "newbie" tutorial for the computer and here's one for an iphone.
*Although we are not worrying about weightloss- My Fitness Pal SUCKS at suggesting calories that I should eat. It's NEVER enough.  I looked around for a website that might help you determine how many calories you should eat because 1,200 is NOT enough (and everyone is different). 
CalorieKing was the closest and easiest.  Then you can plug that number manually into your MFP. 

3. Download our My Healthy Holiday Sheet

and here are some optional things you can do...

3.  Post your food, workouts, tips, and tricks on Instagram and Facebook using our hashtag
#myhealthyholiday15 - Feel free to use our "Mindful Eating" image to post on IG and FB! Invite your spouse, friends, and family to join this challenge. 

4. You'll have the option to link up to our weekly Linky each Sunday night to share your successes or failures!  Come back here next Sunday to check in. 

5. Put away the scale! This isn't about losing weight (although that will be a nice bonus). This is about being more aware of the food we are eating, MAINTAINING our weight, making healthy choices, moving our body more,  feeling better, developing a good relationship with food, and the $100 gift card. ;)

Are you in? 
Share with your friends/family and get them involved!

Let's do this!
In health and happiness,
Rachelle and Deedee