Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 5- My Healthy Holiday Mindful Eating

What worked this week:

This week was busy, busy, busy! I made meals ahead of time and planned out meals we didn't make ahead.  THIS IS A MUST! You have to have a plan.... "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

See how insightful I am with my fitness quotes? HA!

Brian and I like to plan out our meals for the week on Sundays.  We also do our grocery shopping on Sundays.  Our goal is to cook fresh food 4 days a week.  We plan only our dinners out because we make an extra amount so that we have enough to bring to work the next day for lunch.  If there isn't enough to bring to work the next day- we bring fresh salads or tuna with avocados or we have some no-bean turkey chili that we have in the freezer.  Breakfast is a whole different post. ;)

Here's an example of what I do (this is an old pic, obvi):

Download the meal plan sheets {here}

Of course I use Pinterest for recipes.  But really, my husband is the cook of this house and he's just good at "winging it". I sure love him. You can check out our Pinterest board we just started for Meal Plans.

Looking Ahead:
It's Christmas week!!!!! YAY!!!! Christmas Eve is a bigger deal in my family and so I'll tell you what I will do that day.
I'm going with the same strategy I used for Thanksgiving with a few tweaks...
-Workout at Jazzercise (teach 2 classes)
-Eat a LARGE, protein heavy breakfast
-Drink lots of water
-Drink a protein shake and have a snack before I head over to my sister's house
-Eat only the WORTH IT food and double the meat on my plate.  I also plan to make sure to not go crazy on the appetizers because they aren't my favorite...
-Stop eating when I'm FULL<--- holy heck- does anyone else struggle with this?
-Log all of my food in MFP
-Don't take home any leftover Christmas candy. ;)

Have a fabulous week this next week! Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 4- My Healthy Holiday Mindful Eating

What worked:
I am feeling really strong during my training.  I PR'd my squat, ran a 8:30 mile, and rowed 1600m in just over 6:00. I was really excited!  Carbs will give you lots of energy to do all the things. :)

I also stayed away from the treats in the faculty lounge except for one day.  There was a day with peanut butter cookies and I had one... ok, I had two.  But that was the only day that I had anything from the faculty lounge (which has been PACKED with treats for the past 2 weeks. Only one more week to go!).

What didn't work:
Not being prepared.  My husband and I usually meal prep and plan and have lunches and dinners either prepped or at least planned for each day.  This last week we were so busy and running around.  We will make a better effort this week and make meal planning and prepping a priority.


As I was thinking about my post last week and how far I've come... I remembered a few things that I've learned. I REALLY remember the mistakes that I made.  Let me share some things with you that I hope you find helpful.

What I did wrong when I first started:
1. I wasn't eating enough.  I used My Fitness Pal's recommendation for calorie consumption.  After I got my calorie goal from an actual nutritional coach, I was VERY surprised on how many calories I should have been eating (or more importantly, COULD have been eating)! Not eating enough is bad in so many ways! It causes havoc on your metabolism in the longterm.  In short-term it causes HANGRINESS (hungry+angry) and really sets you up to fail (aka BINGE EAT). So... eat enough, my friends and fuel your body with nutrient-dense food.  {Try CalorieKing to calculate your calories or even better- pay a professional}

2.  I wasn't eating breakfast (or just skipping meals in general). We all know it's important for our metabolism to eat at least every 3-4 hours. I prefer 3 big, solid meals a day (but this can vary depending on the person).  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a MUST!  If you skip a meal, you are more likely to load up on one meal and over-eat. I find that when I eat a protein rich breakfast, I'm full until lunch.  I like to save my carb macros for closer to when I workout (energy!). In short.... eat at least 3 meals.

3. I relied on the scale to tell me if I was successful.  I honestly stepped on the scale 1 or 2 times A DAY. If I lost weight, I'd be happy as a unicorn. If I gained, I wanted to cry and thought life was over.  What I didn't know is that my body fluctuates about 3-5 pounds in a week depending on what I ate, time of the month, etc.  The minute I stopped weighing myself and started celebrating non-scale victories, I felt such a relief. Instead of celebrating losing 5 pounds, I celebrated when I fit in size 6 jeans or PR'd my squat or ran my longest distance on the treadmill or could take off my wedding ring with ease. Your worth can't be measured by a scale. Love yourself always.

Now it's your turn! Link up and tell us what worked (or what didn't)!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 3- My Healthy Holiday Mindful Eating

Can you believe it's already week three of our challenge?  

What's working:
My workouts....always.  I just love training. I love IT ALL! I want to do a post about my most favorite ways to exercises (because I've tried them all).  I want to try more, too.  I've got a bucket list of workouts/gyms I want to try.  

What's NOT working:
Moderation.  Honestly, this word makes me cringe.  I'm a food addict and crappy food in moderation spirals me into a world of hurt when I'm constantly eating non-nutrient dense food in "moderation". I'm fine to do it once in a while, but at our school we've been having the 12 days of Christmas TREATS every day! Ugh.  It's a nightmare.... chips, dips, candies, cookies, cheeseballs....
I have been trying ALL THE THINGS and instead of eating my pre-planned lunch that I bring to school, I've been ditching it to snack on the 12 Days treats.  

My goal for this week is to remember where I came from.  Remember that I feel at my best when I eat nutrient-dense food as much as I can AND THEN have non-nutrient dense foods when it's appropriate. I just feel better when I FUEL my body and not just FEED it.  Yes, I can meet my caloric goals with cheeseballs and chips, but I feel better both physically/mentally (not to mention I sleep better, my skin looks better, and I'm not bloated) when I eat whole-foods. My goal this week is to avoid the treats in the teacher's lounge altogether.  I know it sounds "extreme", but this is what I want to do....unless there's donuts. There's no excuse NOT to have a donut. ;)

So... here I am- Remembering where I came from AND HOW FAR I'VE COME.  

Now it's your turn! 
Use our image from above and link up to tell me what worked (or didn't work) this week!