Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 3- My Healthy Holiday Mindful Eating

Can you believe it's already week three of our challenge?  

What's working:
My workouts....always.  I just love training. I love IT ALL! I want to do a post about my most favorite ways to exercises (because I've tried them all).  I want to try more, too.  I've got a bucket list of workouts/gyms I want to try.  

What's NOT working:
Moderation.  Honestly, this word makes me cringe.  I'm a food addict and crappy food in moderation spirals me into a world of hurt when I'm constantly eating non-nutrient dense food in "moderation". I'm fine to do it once in a while, but at our school we've been having the 12 days of Christmas TREATS every day! Ugh.  It's a nightmare.... chips, dips, candies, cookies, cheeseballs....
I have been trying ALL THE THINGS and instead of eating my pre-planned lunch that I bring to school, I've been ditching it to snack on the 12 Days treats.  

My goal for this week is to remember where I came from.  Remember that I feel at my best when I eat nutrient-dense food as much as I can AND THEN have non-nutrient dense foods when it's appropriate. I just feel better when I FUEL my body and not just FEED it.  Yes, I can meet my caloric goals with cheeseballs and chips, but I feel better both physically/mentally (not to mention I sleep better, my skin looks better, and I'm not bloated) when I eat whole-foods. My goal this week is to avoid the treats in the teacher's lounge altogether.  I know it sounds "extreme", but this is what I want to do....unless there's donuts. There's no excuse NOT to have a donut. ;)

So... here I am- Remembering where I came from AND HOW FAR I'VE COME.  

Now it's your turn! 
Use our image from above and link up to tell me what worked (or didn't work) this week!

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  1. Hello Rachelle,
    Thanks for sharing. I have an entire week of "what didn't work". I'm encouraged by your journey and your example. Thanks again. Have a wonderful week.
    Laughter and Consistency