Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 5- My Healthy Holiday Mindful Eating

What worked this week:

This week was busy, busy, busy! I made meals ahead of time and planned out meals we didn't make ahead.  THIS IS A MUST! You have to have a plan.... "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

See how insightful I am with my fitness quotes? HA!

Brian and I like to plan out our meals for the week on Sundays.  We also do our grocery shopping on Sundays.  Our goal is to cook fresh food 4 days a week.  We plan only our dinners out because we make an extra amount so that we have enough to bring to work the next day for lunch.  If there isn't enough to bring to work the next day- we bring fresh salads or tuna with avocados or we have some no-bean turkey chili that we have in the freezer.  Breakfast is a whole different post. ;)

Here's an example of what I do (this is an old pic, obvi):

Download the meal plan sheets {here}

Of course I use Pinterest for recipes.  But really, my husband is the cook of this house and he's just good at "winging it". I sure love him. You can check out our Pinterest board we just started for Meal Plans.

Looking Ahead:
It's Christmas week!!!!! YAY!!!! Christmas Eve is a bigger deal in my family and so I'll tell you what I will do that day.
I'm going with the same strategy I used for Thanksgiving with a few tweaks...
-Workout at Jazzercise (teach 2 classes)
-Eat a LARGE, protein heavy breakfast
-Drink lots of water
-Drink a protein shake and have a snack before I head over to my sister's house
-Eat only the WORTH IT food and double the meat on my plate.  I also plan to make sure to not go crazy on the appetizers because they aren't my favorite...
-Stop eating when I'm FULL<--- holy heck- does anyone else struggle with this?
-Log all of my food in MFP
-Don't take home any leftover Christmas candy. ;)

Have a fabulous week this next week! Happy Holidays!

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